Sunday, October 21, 2007

getting to the root

Leaves fall marking the end of yet another season of fun and sun.

I was thinking back to my love and habit of gardening. There is much to be said about the therapy of getting your hands in the dirt. But on deeper reflection, I have to admit that my love is clearly for the results and less about the act.

This year I was a fair weather gardener meaning I didn't garden in hot or cold weather. And my yard bears accusing witness to my climate preferences. I couldn't get a handle on the weeds for one thing!

I know from past experience, when you want to grow flowers you have to get to the weeds; you have to get to the root of the weed. Lopping off the tops just encourages them to grow back stronger and healthier. Sometimes a simple tug will bring up root and all. But the most effective way is to dig down deep, deeper than the root, loosen the soil around it and pull it out. Then you can prepare the soil and plant the seeds or starts.

Be ready to dig down deep again. We always miss a root or two . And then there are the weed's cousins who move in from the neighboring yard or on the wind.

I have found this to be true in life, as well. No soul is without it's weeds and it isn't about how the weed got there. It is about digging down deep, getting to the roots and pulling it out. Be ready to dig deep again!Then prepare the soil of your heart and plant seeds that will bloom.

Socrates said "An unexamined life is not worth living." So I guess you need to be able to distinguish a weed from a flower in the first place. It is hard, isn't it? Am I cheating if I focus on the violet on the window sill, this winter?

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