Friday, July 11, 2008

goodbye Cheyenne

A year ago I said goodbye to my faithful Beagle Bessie.
This week I must pay homage to my constant companion Cheyenne.

She left this world on July 4th to the sounds of fireworks. She was such a gentle soul, it was unseemly that others celebrated while I wept.

Cheyenne came to me as a rejected cancer test animal. She was thin, had a tattoo in her ear (they called her "Seven") and had never stood on grass before. She hated cameras so I never got a good photo of her.

She trully knew how wonderful living is. Everyday held an adventure for her followed by a long nap. She was always game for a walk, anytime to anywhere and loved to ride in the car even though she got car sick every time. Mornings were greeted with a luxurious stretch on the bed. How can a 39 pound dog fill up a whole bed? Then a patrol of the back yard ending with a dog biscuit.

I miss our routines and her weight against me at night. I miss caressing those soft Beagle ears. I miss the thump of her tail as I talked to her about the problems of the day. I lost a true friend and now I walk alone.


jeffy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Cheyenne. Sounds like she was a good dog and had a good life with you.

Judy Hammett said...

I am just so sorry to know that Cheyenne died. . . . You know how much I understand . . . .

I'm sorry that I didn't know about it on July 4. It seems that I should have sensed it, at least on one of the evenings that I send star messages to you. I've thought about Cheyenne really recently -- maybe I just knew she'd always be with you, no matter what.

What a wonderful friend Cheyenne was! That is an enormous understatement.

Please know how much I am empathizing with you. I can't even imagine your house -- or you -- without Cheyenne. I know this is a usual thing to say, but still so true: I so much hope (and know) that you are finding consolation in all those happy memories of her.