Friday, November 7, 2008

deal with it?

I have heard so many times that you have to deal with your emotions before you can move on. I always wondered what that looks like. What does, "deal with it" mean, really?
Today my definition would be this.

  • Over time, coming to terms with the reality, not just mentally but from that deep place---my center.
  • So first you have to recognize that your emotions (feelings) are a reaction.
  • Then you have to admit that reality is not what you thought it was.
  • You need to shift your processes- what you believe, how you think, the language of your self-talk.this shift has to filter up and down and through you, over and over.
For me, I know my shift is complete when my dreams reveal a behavior or reaction in line with my new and improved outlook on life. Those revelations are such a relief. I did it!

One of my recent "realizations" was that waiting for someone to come to their senses can't be willed into existence and it should never become a Way....waste of life.

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