Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a glimpse, a glimmer

Somewhere in my growing up, the words "God is in the heavens" translated in my brain to "God is in a far place", looking down on me, nudging me to do right. I envisioned a Grandfatherly look for Him (think Santa in white robes...shades of Dumbledor or Gandalf). I don't think I am alone in my thinking.

I am older now, I know He is so much more than a figure with a magic wand ready to grant my wish. He is a presence that I know . He has been next to me during the most simple and most desperate times of my days, not in a far country.

He walks among us. "We are under a gentle, compassionate assault by a Kingdom of peace, healing, forgiveness and life." Lee Smolen In our more noble moments, when we are being kind to each other and ourselves we see the glimmer, we feel that peace.

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