Wednesday, December 17, 2008

instincts of being

I sit here gazing out a frosty window. Snow covered our world and decided to stay. Domesticity takes over. I have an urge to bake bread and stir up a pot of hearty vegetarian soup. I dig out my holiday CDs and hum along as I write a few Christmas cards. A real Hallmark moment, I have to admit.

I'm glad I thought ahead and bought extra bird seed. The local birds called two friends and they called two friends, etc. It is a feeding frenzy out there! And what fun for me. All of those sweet Chickadees and Juncos. Swooping in is a Thrush and a Steller's Jay and yes, the ever present Crow. Gray squirrels offer plenty of competition. (this could get expensive!)

These timely gifts make me feel very mellow in the midst of the proverbial holiday stress and weather related problems (like getting to work and then home again). I know deep down that the worries of the day will patiently wait in the wings until I recall them....I say, "Let them wait"!

I welcome these nudges (glimmers and glimpses) to be authentically present. I have a chance to listen, learn and open myself to the moment. As I rever and indulge these instincts to get cozy. As I appreciate the presence of nature. As I allow myself to be.

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