Saturday, February 14, 2009

well designed

Part of Psalm 139:14 says "....I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."

I was reminded of this in a most unpleasant way this week. I came down with a very contagious intestinal bug. Since most of you have experience with similar viruses at some point in your life, I won't give details.

Now that I feel better I marvel at the way my body took over and waged war. My brain function ceased as my immune system aimed all the energy it could muster toward the offender. Just as they are designed to do, my cells were dedicated to expelling my attacker.

I was so sick as a result and I desperately wanted the siege to end. But, you know, the alternative would have been far worse. Diseases try to finish us but we are made fearfully, yes. And we are made wonderfully!

So I salute this body of mine, "Thank You so much!" And most of all, I praise my Interior Designer.

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