Saturday, April 18, 2009

between hope and despair

Writing gurus say to write what you know. I, instead write to learn and to hope. I throw the cooked spaghetti of words against the page and hope that they will my soul!

We live in times of despair and diminishing hope.

Diane Ackerman said that there are "Two features of human experience essential to the line between hope and despair.
1. the value of believing we have an option.
2. the ability to savor the abundance of the world."
She suggests that "solution always involves altering perspectives--- replacing tunnel vision with an expanded view and more possibility."

Open up the windows and doors and allow a breeze to blow away the dust of expectations. Maybe a tornado of events have caused chaos in your ordered tidy life. Remove the armor of anger and fear you have been wearing to protect yourself. You have to be clothed in a lighter garb to journey on. Believe and take the next step.

I have been angry and I have lived in fear. Every time I turned from those crippling emotions I found enough grace to step forward into something new and better.

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