Friday, May 29, 2009

Change thrust upon me

Change is thrust upon me.

We all know about tv signals changing from analog to digital in June. My television is old, not as old as some I know, and highly functional but not digital. The cable company said to not worry so I didn't. Then they urgently told me I needed to install a cable box. They provided it free and I got it set up (I did it all myself!). True to their word the installation went well.

But the cable box came with a universal remote! I had to learn how to program and operate the thing to be able to use my new and improved set up. I can't tell you how hard that was. Yes, I read the instructions! Hours later I had such a headache...maybe I should give up watching tv totally. Alas,I can now use the thing but it isn't nearly as much fun to channel surf. I excelled at the sport with my exceptional thumb action.

Then my bank was taken over. I had to set up new online information, agreeing to who knows what to move on. I was very happy with the accounts of the old bank. The new bank has different policies. So I have to find time to sit with their customer service person and find a better deal.

The oldest of my cats decided to change the dynamics of our morning routine. I will spare you details.

You have probably tired of my whining but hold on...please laugh with me. I am watching myself as if I am the audience watching the circus act of a juggler (me,also)who has tossed oranges and apples for years. Suddenly there was no more fruit! Now she has to juggle knives.

These too shall become habits...until the next change gets thrust upon me/us.

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