Friday, June 26, 2009

a day in the life of someone else

The day in the life of someone I know:
6:00 alarm goes off, get up and shower
6:30 fall back into bed, so tired. recently diagnosed thyroid condition explains the fatigue and need for more sleep
8:00 up and dressed, call bank to check on bank balance; call bank customer service about an error
8:30 call bank back after they accidentally hung up, they see the problem and will fix it.
10:00 physical therapy for back injury from a year ago
1:00 meet daughter and her mom for a prearranged visit
1:15 take daughter to the park to play
2:15 daughter needs a nap so start driving
2:30 stop to buy a snack for the ride
3:15 oil light comes on in car; pull over into Walmart and go shopping for a gallon of oil hoping that will be enough; let daughter look at toys, get a call from a family member who wants to apologize; take a call from doctor who sees something suspicious about blood test; make an appointment; buy oil
4:15 give thanks, loss of oil caused by loose oil cap and not something more serious; clean up oily mess
5:15 drive toward home, daughter falls asleep finally, hear that Michael Jackson died
6:15 carry sleeping babe into her mom's; she wakes up, more time for reading a book and playing
7:00 say goodnight to daughter and head for home
7:45 arrive home, make a sandwich, get a couple calls from friends
8:00 check bank balance, the error is still there!
9:00 fall into bed

It's all relative, isn't it? My life is so simple compared to this one.

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