Friday, June 26, 2009

why is time going so fast?

Why is time going so fast?

There is the mathematical answer. When I was 4 years old, 1 year was equal to 25% of my lifetime and waiting for another one to come and go seemed like a near eternity. By the time I was 10, 1 year equaled only 10% of my life; not quite so earth-shattering but lengthy enough. By the age of 20, the year dwindled to 5% of my total lifespan.

Considering this exponential curve, time seems to fly faster each year. The remaining percentages stretch out over the years. I am at .0167% today! I no longer wait with anticipation for another year to arrive. I cannot pluck off the wings of time, it will continue to fly and I will keep spinning around searching for the lost hours and days.

The philosophical answer points to the same conclusion , I am getting older . The reality is my body moves slower so it take me longer to get things done. I choose to do fewer tasks rather than increase my speed (exhausting). The day, week, month comes and goes and I accomplish less. Or maybe I massage each moment, trying to soothe that ticking clock, convince it to slow down along with me. But the physical law of 60 seconds in an hour rules all on earth.

I think about those lovely people in my life who are older than I. They sit and gaze out the window and take more naps and talk about better days gone by. In a younger age I equated this to laziness. Now I wonder if they are just trying slow down the spinning of the earth, "sit down and stay awhile".

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