Thursday, August 27, 2009

Does God know you?

The Baptist church I drive by daily, has this question on it's reader board, "Does God know you?"

My initial answer was "Yes! He knows me better than I know myself." Then I thought how grateful I am for that reality. The One who knows me best, loves me anyway. I am told, that in His eyes I am perfect just the way I am. I take great comfort in knowing that.

I envision Him walking next to me, knowing where this path will lead, yet staying by my side. Maybe He leans in a little to encourage me to take the other fork in the road (a better choice?) Yet I am free to go my own way and will not lose this Holy companion. There is not a human alive that could do that.

I want to stand up straighter and do it all correctly from now on. I want to shine and turn to Him and say "See how much better I am doing?"

The real me, the flesh and blood me, after I close out of this blog and eat my dinner, will forget and take another miss-step. And He will keep pace me as I careen down this winding, narrow, primitive road I have put myself on.

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