Saturday, October 17, 2009

61 years old!

I have not been able to be happy about this last birthday. It arrived on schedule, jostled me around a bit and left me holding more questions than wisdom.

There is nothing profound I can pull out to say that will make myself feel better. It just is. It is hurtling me down the road of life...ready or not. Is it fair that I have gray hair, surprise aches and a new layer of "fat"? I thought I was immune to the pitfalls of age! Don't you?

My life has taken some unexpected turns and now I know that nothing is certain. So far and overall, I have handled events fairly well. I hope for the best. I wait for a miracle. I wonder.

My life is not simpler, slower or easier. There are still thousands of books I plan to read. My masterpiece art quilt is in the mental design stage. I continue to go down the purple slide while my Granddaughter waits at its end. I guess it can't get better than that. Okay I feel better now. Happy 61st Birthday, Lynette

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wreader said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend. Belated but sincere. In a few short months it will be me...