Sunday, October 25, 2009


In astrological theory , we Libras are people who seek aesthetic pleasure, balance in relationships and a harmonious environment. And although we can always see both sides of any issue, this often leads down the slippery slope to procrastination and vacillation. I do love beauty, balance and harmony.

While I don't pay attention to horoscopes this description does explain why I struggle with decisions. I do make decisions but I really have to consider everything beforehand. Looking at both sides is what I do. I know people who just go with their first instinct and right or wrong they move on. And it usually works out for them. I doubt there are many quarterbacks or politicians born as Libras.

 It is against my nature to "just go for it" (what a freeing concept). But then I console myself with the fact that we who try to maintain balance   keep the world turning on its axis. Or is that a "first born" characteristic ?....I'm one of those, too!

Last week I had to decide which 12 people out of 77 applicants to interview. Now I must narrow them down to 4. Oh the anguish! This morning I had to decide between potatoes or toast. I thought about it for so long it was time for lunch and I had to start over again. (i'm kidding)

Maybe that is why I welcome routine. If I get up at the same time every morning and take my established route to work I need to make fewer decisions. I can save it up for the important matters of life. Not as interesting to some but assuring to me.

Now, should I wear the blue sweater or the black jacket?

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