Saturday, October 17, 2009

racoon family report

The first thing I saw yesterday morning was the Racoon family breakfasting under the birdfeeder. They look plump and healthy. It is a delight and an honor to view the wild from my kitchen window. How lucky I am! They are in competition with gray squirrels, crows, jays and assorted birds. And I get to watch the show.

I was remembering the appearance of this Mama as a babe two years ago with her own sibling and mother. Before I know it she was appearing alone. All last winter she was very thin and had the most expressive eyes...plaintive. I had a very good idea that her family had met tragic ends. I resisted the urge to run out, sweep her up and hug her. I also avoid naming them. That allows me a little distance. I cannot make them my own. I am well aware that they are not pets and can be vicious, so don't worry.

The family she brings is charming. One is so petite and shy while the other is almost as big as the mom and is so independent. If I could orchestrate events, they will grow old in the forty acres behind me. Winter approaches and nature takes care of her own. I dread that part more than I can say.

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