Friday, December 4, 2009

Interior decorating

I was stationed at the information desk at my job in a public libray yesterday afternoon. A woman with children in tow approached and asked where the  cushion books were. I asked her to repeat her question. "Where are the cushion books?"

"I guess we could look in the interior decorating section." I replied. I could see that look of confusion, then she spoke clearer and louder. "Is that where I would find Christian books?"

We both had a chuckle as we walked to the Religious section. And we agreed that interior decorating isn't such a bad description for Christianity or any other religion.

So I am giving it more thought this morning. As with any style we find appealing for our habitats, I will bet our individual souls are of a similar design.

My own home's decor is about as eclectic as can be. And in my soul I think I grab on to the best of all of the wisdoms in this world. While I follow the teachings of Jesus, I repect the language of kindness, compassion and justice that I hear from so many great men and women.

My goal is to have a home that offers sancuary to all who enter. It would be my greatest joy to have accomplished a place that welcomes in peace and comfort. A goal, yes, and a hope.

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