Friday, December 18, 2009

My Christmas note

Christmas is not my favorite holiday for all of the obvious reasons. But I do try to make the most of the season. I do love the smell of evergreens. I find peace when I roam around my local woods looking for cedar boughs and cones, even lichen and moss take on  holiday flair in December.

I am not a true humbug. I love giving just not shopping. And I love to hear complete strangers wish each other a Merry Christmas.

Last year we had a very surprising and inconvienient white Christmas.  I will remember it forever. My family had to improvise quickly. We couldn't orchestrate a picturesque gathering but it was heartening to be together. Together no matter what, that is what warms my heart.

My Christmas message to each of you as 2009 fades away, take note of  all you encounter that is good and pure. Accept with  awe, the grace that appears as easily as the opening and closing of your eyes. Inhale the love that is a breath away. Rever life, because it is a glorious thing!

And come back to watch me grow in 2010.

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