Friday, July 16, 2010

walk for soul health

When I had my beloved Beagles I walked about 3 miles a day, rain or shine. Now they are gone and my motivation has to come from something else. The best time for me is in the morning. And I have to convince myself to put on the shoes and step out the door. Once I am "on the road" it is all good.

I take walks for my physical health...get that oxygen coursing through the veins. I take walks for my mental health...get those thought processes in order.

Today I walked for my soul's health. I was exhausted and cranky. My inner talk was a blame game of who did what "to me". After about half a mile I looked up. Perched at the top of a fir tree was a crow who was doing a good job of impersonating a Christmas angel.I let out a laugh and all of the grumpiness evaporated.

My steps were lighter, my headache was gone. I was free to love my life, flaws and all.

I think I will name that crow Gabriel.

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wreader said...

Your writing always touches me but this one gave me goose bumps! Once again, well said.