Sunday, September 26, 2010

August travels

The fact that my last post was July 23rd has weighed on me. I have missed the process of verbalizing thoughts, humble as they may be. Yes, I do this for myself. But I take great delight to think that someone out there would take a moment in their busy day to read my words. I would be in awe if any of my musings made a difference for the better for any of those readers.

Since July I struggled with friend, my challenger, my measure.

In August I travelled to my origins for a week. I was blessed to see the faces of my family, to hear their voices as they shared their daily lives. And to breathe the air that I doubt is replicated in any other region of this country. My dad shared family history and photos. Mom was open to the adventure of the day.

Thanks to the brother who opened his home to me. And to another who walked a few miles by my side so that I could get some exercise. Sis reopened my heart to the need for creativity and generosity. Every single person of my family touched me and made a difference in me.

Thank you all for a memorable week. I miss you all terrribly. (i miss being pampered, too)

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wreader said...

I loved hearing that you traveled to our home state! I have been there recently, too. Someday, you may be able to visit me there.