Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'tis the season

It is officially winter! I celebrate the shortest day of there will be an increase in natural light each and every day.

On the heels of winter's first fierce hours we embrace the giving season, goodwill toward man, glory and grace. I love all of those "g"words. They bring me joy.

I am hanging onto the bumper of life as it careens down the road. What a thrill! Today I can say I find joy and peace in the ebb and flow of my days and nights. I can handle whatever comes my way!

Not so two days ago; I was completely undone. Time to think and plan had not presented itself... I was a deflated balloon caught by the wind. Thanks to a couple nights sleep and time for me, I am a new takes so little to anchor me once more. Here I go again!

This is my chance to say Merry Christmas! I believe and find comfort in the story of a babe, a star, Kings and shepherds.

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