Sunday, February 13, 2011

dream on

I am a dreamer of dreams. If I am not dreaming I am not sleeping. Some are terrifying, others are the warm and fuzzy kind.

If dreams have a purpose, what would that be? Do dreams prepare & warn us for times ahead? Or are they simply an indicator of the condition of our subconscious?

An interpreter will tell me the meaning of me in a car hurling down a road in the sky without brakes. Well, my life is a bit out of my control, I admit. Or why the vivid colors last night have similar content to a dream two weeks ago that was in shades of gray!

We are advised to take notes about our dreams as soon as we wake. Do I really want to know? I am usually just grateful to wake up and discover that I really didn't lose my purse or that the bathroom toilet and plumbing work just fine.

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