Saturday, June 30, 2007

you have to know what you are eating

Do you know where the food you are eating comes from? How was it produced and processed? Have you given it much thought?

I am a vegetarian. I choose that path after learning of atrocities in factory farms. I didn't even know before October 2002 that such horrible places existed. But once I knew, I had an ethical responsibility to choose to not be a part of unconscious consumption.

Then I started reading about how pesticides and other chemical practices by a huge % of today's farms affect my body. So now I choose organically grown food.

Following in those steps I choose to spend my food dollar locally. I feel strongly that small local farmers will be our nation's diet salvation in a few years. We have to support them today. Besides I hate putting my hard earned dollars into big business pockets.

The next thing I learn is about shopping for the cheapest of anything, which so many Americans believe is a God given right, might actually be hurting someone at the other end of the economic chain.

I now buy Fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate.

As I put "food " into my mouth I have to ask, where did it come from, how was it produced, whose pocket gets lined with my purchase?

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