Sunday, July 8, 2007

There is no better worship than reverence.

I was chatting over the fence with my neighbor Bev yesterday. We were talking about upgrading computers and I mentioned that I have a blog. What is it about? Reverence for life!

She made feel like I was on the right track with her enthusiasm. She said that she always preferred the term reverence to that of worship. I have been gnawing on that ever since and I have to agree with Bev and thank her for the inspiration.

Worship is talking the talk. To me the thought of worship at its core follows a formula of prayer and praise. You bow at the altar on bended knee. You sing praises, raising your voice and hands. Prayers of adoration, petition and gratitude are spoken. Then you stand, unfold you hands, and get on with your day. You might feel at peace and be filled with hope. And then?

Reverence is walking the walk. In that walk we take steps that count, not just to ourselves but to our God and His creation. It becomes an elevation of praise that rises up from the sacred ground we walk on and permeates our thoughts. We express those thoughts in words and deeds. We spend time and dollars voting for what we believe. We nurture with a nod and a smile. We are nurtured and fed.

Worship mixes the ingredients, the flour, water and yeast. Reverence becomes the bread. It is the life and lifestyle we live.

It starts with awe. To be so stirred to our depths. To wonder at the mystery and the beauty. To feel the grass on your bare toes and the kiss of a cool breeze on your cheek. To let laughter enfold you.

Take my thoughts and build on them..."thinking and doing"

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textiler said...

I so enjoyed this post. You are a very good writer!
from your friend in Oregon