Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goodbye Bessie

This is one of my saddest days. I have had to say goodbye to Bessie, Beagle extraordinaire. Her absence leaves a hole in our hearts. But at age 12 it was time. Her kidneys and liver were shutting down.
She is well known in Maple Hills. So many neighbors knew her by name, since no one was a stranger to her. She played hostess to a dog party one year. All of her canine friends came to celebrate her third birthday.
Bess took her duties as a Beagle seriously. Her greatest adventure came one day in the fall of 1997 when she chased a bear around the power lines behind our home for a couple hours. Luckily for the bear she finally gave up.
I learned early on that she was the most independent, willful of dogs. It was easier to let her have her way on our morning walks. If I suggested an alternative route she would just sit and refuse to budge until I came to my senses.
Her dogdom had to be shared with the addition of Cheyenne in 1999. Two Beagles are twice the fun and they definitely make life more interesting. She didn't mind sharing though, as long as she got her full share of attention and food. Bessie loved to eat.

She was more than a dog. Every single day of the last twelve years was richer because she was there. She insisted on a routine and that kept me sane. Her presence gave me perspective in real time. She was my confidant and friend. I miss her.

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