Saturday, November 24, 2007


The traditional day of Thanksgiving is officially over. We don't really need a day to remind us to be thankful, do we? Yet I love the idea of this tradition, we even get a day off from work!

By taking the Pilgrim's example to set aside a feast day and share the bounty, we give a formal nod to the goodness in life. We are approaching another winter, it could be in a new land. We have had another season to grow and harvest. Are we prepared for what is to come?

It is good for all of us to sit at a table with family and friends to say thanks, to examine our hearts and declare reverence for people, events and memories. A French Proverb says, "Gratitude is the heart's memory."

There have been numerous inspired pages written about gratitude. The more I read the more I come to believe that the very expression of the words, "Thank You" is the most powerful thing we can do. Those words spoken from our heart become our light saber for order, harmony and peace. The force is within us. We can let go of struggle and allow healing. We choose to focus on our abundance rather than our lack.

Thanks to each of you who have blessed my life with your presence. As a toast, I lift up a piece of pumpkin pie to my mouth, in a room full of the smells of sage and cinnamon, in a house full of voices and laughter.

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