Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dancing to a new experience

I don't know anything about music except that I enjoy most of it (especially harmonies, but that is for another entry). What I do know is that when circumstances change my life, my inner rhythm falters. A change in life's music can be as simple as a new route to work or as complicated as a new job or the birth of a baby. "It takes some getting used to." My internal radar loses a blip. I become off balance.

What I know is that I have to give myself time to understand the change. It takes me awhile to recognize the new beat. And until I pause and turn my spirit toward the new sound I will misstep. If I get impatient and try to dance an old step to a new tune, I stumble gracelessly.

When a new song plays, it is best to stop and listen until my spirit picks up that unfamiliar sound of the present. Come to understanding and acceptance that life is different. Then if I allow my thoughts to hum a few bars, my body will pick up the pace and the dance begins again, with my dignity intact.

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