Friday, September 26, 2008

the key to discontent

Reverence is the key that unlocks the padlock that grips the chains of discontent in every human. It releases us into a freedom that transends our concept of liberty. We click the heels of our ruby slippers and we are home.

It is the realization that something exists outside and beyond our grasp. We accept the fact that we are human. Then we can celebrate our humanity. We wake up to the knowledge that we don't have to be superhuman. We can just Be. Body, mind, spirit. Authentic humility.

Everytime you are jolted by the awareness that you are in over your head. That brain of yours hurts. The body that serves you starts to fail. Your spirit lives in the shadows. Say thank you, right where you are, for whatever is in front of you. Reverence contains gratitude. Gratitude lifts us up and out.

To be reverent:
  • is to be aware
  • is a matter of awe and wonder
  • cherishes life
  • is thankfulness
  • contains admiration
  • contains gratitude
  • is an experience of pleasure
  • is hope

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