Monday, November 3, 2008

at the end of Tuesday

Today is Monday and there is a delicious expectation for Tuesday-- Election Day!

I write this in advance because, by the end of the day some of us will be celebrating and some will be frustrated and discouraged. You voted for the one you believed most worthy. The results will be what they are for whatever reasons the media can come up with.

I want to quote Colin Powell "I believe in America. And I believe in our people"
That is where I encourage you to place your hopes and future actions. We are a nation that has survived in spite of government and greed and misguided twists and turns. Ours is a unique spirit of compassion and resilience.

Powell went on the say,"...An America that sometimes seems confused and is always noisy - that noise has a name; it's called democracy, and we use it to work through our confusion."

We will rise on Wednesday as this union has risen close to 60 times before. We will move through the routines of our day. We hope for peace and long for an economy that will secure our future. We become mindful and convicted. Life goes on.

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