Monday, March 2, 2009

three nudges get my attention

I have long subscribed to my own "rule of three". If you Google Rule of Three, you will see it is used in problem solving, surviving, religion...

My rule , which I use as a guide, came about from life experience. My own sweet spirit whispers through my life with guidance and grace. If I don't pay heed, that same sweet spirit talks louder, sometimes it shouts!

If I encounter a word or idea from three totally different sources, I know I need to stop and pay attention.The latest happened this week-end. Actually, over the last three months (there is that number again!) my soul has been trying to get my attention. Finally I realized that my whole being was yelling that I need to take better care of myself. Then:

1. I took a class titled "You are not your job." I knew that much but she gave some excellent tools on how to live with less stress, do what you love. She offered some of her own life experiences that hit home.

2. I read in "Bliss" by Dean Koontz's dog Trixie that "Life is a raging river. Sometimes you need to swim to shore , sit awhile."

3. I took a good look in the mirror and was surprised at how tired I appeared. Dark circles under the eyes, skin blotchy. The word haggard came to mind.

So I take myself to task with compassion and make me a priority.
  • My first goal is to get nine hours of sleep instead of seven or eight each night.
  • I turn the TV off more often, curl up in a corner of the sofa and gaze out my window for hours ...just be.
  • I am walking faster.
  • Listen to music that tickles my brain.
  • Wash my hands more.
  • Breathe...from the diaphragm , count to five as I inhale, hold for the count of five, count to five as I exhale. Ten in the morning, ten at night.
  • To take pleasure in all that I do. Pleasure is energy reciprocated. It will come back to me
  • Remind myself that when I pray from a place of fear I diminish myself
  • Create

Until the next three nudges

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