Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mama Raccoon

It has been so hot in the Pacific Northwest! We don't do well when the temperature gets over 90 and we have had consecutive days when it has been in 100's!

I came home a couple nights ago and gazed out my kitchen window. A raccoon who inhabits a few wooded acres bordering my back yard appeared under the bird feeder. I was surprised to see two new babies with her. As soon as she was sure they were busy eating sunflower seeds she lowered herself into the pan of water I keep for the animals. Poor thing had reached her limit, just like me!

We set up a small pool with water and the next afternoon they were back. She cooled herself and then made sure each baby was soaked. She just grabbed them and rolled them while they squealed.

It was endearing and life affirming. Parents take care of themselves so that they can take care of their little ones. We have to do our best with what is offered when we are at the mercy of weather and elements. Basic survival can be as simple as cooling off.

I look forward to witnessing the growing and training those cuties are in for. They already have personalities. One is adventurous and a risk taker, the other stays close to Mom.

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