Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leaves, rocks, feathers

I opened one of my old journals today. A pressed leaf from last years poinsettia almost fell out. It had maintained it's size, turned from bright red to a rich burgundy and is actually much prettier than before.
I just can't resist slipping a rose petal or a fall maple leaf between two unsuspecting pages. And it is always a treat to come upon one of those treasures when I least suspect it.
My pseudo scavenging habit takes other forms. I have a tray with heart shaped rocks that I have discovered over time during walks. Most will fit into the palm of my hand. Lying there together, their complimentary colors that span the grays and beiges of the color wheel, pull you over to admire and even hold one or two.
Well there are others bowls of stones in my home. Just can't not pocket one here and there. I will stop and handle one and know that it is a good one to bring home with me.
Another joy I bring home from outdoor jaunts is feathers. Every size and color find their way into a box or a vase or used as a bookmark. Once one floated down and landed on my jacket. At another time there were two turkey feathers lying next to my car in LaConnor, WA. of all places.
For me, these gifts that appear at my feet are my reward for letting go of the everyday fuss. It actually becomes an adventure when I step out my door...who know what might be found.Once residing in my house they become reminders on gloomy days when I can't get out. I win
My granddaughter is best at it. I was coaxing her into going for a walk with me. I finally convinced her that we were going to look for diamonds. A few blocks later I spotted a coin lying in the road. "Look, a nickel!" She wasn't interested...she was searching for diamonds, after all.

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