Saturday, April 26, 2014

To any reader, my apologies. I don't intend for my posts to be depressing because I do not see life that way. However my words take on the shades of what is happening in my life.

A month ago one of favorite people left this world, my Aunt Gena. She was ready to join her husband Burt and all of their dogs and cats who were waiting for her. It is me that I feel sorry for. She was someone who embraced me when I arrived in Washington many years ago. She was my friend through 46 years of ups and downs we shared. I miss her.

Three influential women in my life left this world in the last year. Bev, a neighbor who became a friend taught me to stand up for women and to love life. My dear mom taught me to be committed and kind and to love books. Gena showed me what hospitality is and that it is ok to dote on kids and pets.

I am stronger, bolder and more compassionate because of three very different women.

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