Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Consider the tomato

I quote a paragraph from Marc David's book "The Slow Down Diet"

Consider the tomato.
  • If the soil it is grown in is depleted, then the tomato has measurably low mineral content, less natural sugar, and more acids, which means it will be tough, tasteless, and nutritionally inferior.
  • If it is sprayed with pesticides, and herbicides, it will carry instructional messages to your body that are carcinogenic, mutagenic and neurotoxic.
  • If it is grown in an impersonal factory farm, the tomato will be lifeless and have no charm.
  • If it is picked by an underpaid migrant worker who’s given no benefits and few worker’s rights, then the tomato is hypocritical and lacks integrity.
  • If it is chopped by machine along with thousands of tomatoes, delivered to a fast food joint, and slapped together with a bun and meat from a cow who suffered even worse traumas, then our tomato is now suicidal, or even murderous, because it has lost its soul and has no reason to live.

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