Friday, August 31, 2007

the lives of numbers

Some might argue that numbers have nothing to do with being in awe of life but they do to me. I am sure as I add, subtract and divide them, they become characters in some obscure recess of the brain. I have more affection for some but there is not an enemy among them. I wonder if anyone else attributes numbers with a gender and personality type as I do. I would like to hear from you, if you do. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have this "feeling" about digits.

Anyway here goes:
1 is a male who appreciates solitude, has no clue how powerful he is.
2 is a middle-aged woman, has an edge to her
3 is a chubby fun loving boy
4 is an ageless female, she evens things out in life
5 is a no nonsense solid stoic Frau
6 is a likeable steady Eddie, I can always count on him
7 male, has an authentic true soul
8 also male, not a lot of personality but carries some weight in a conversation
9 is a serious thoughtful guy, loves to tip the scales
10 is masculine, dependable even tempered, predictable
11 is a fun loving , easy going pre teen boy
12 is a balanced reliable young woman
13 Kind of an odd boy related to 3
14 girly girl
15 a really likeable woman
16 a man with a mission
17 insignificant guy, he’s just there
18 male cousin to 17
19 is a male political candidate
20 now here is a woman to notice!
Wait until I tell you about the alphabet and colors!

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