Sunday, October 14, 2007

What we do reflects who we are

When I began this blog I was required to give it a title. I am the sole/soul writer and I have a lot to say. I wanted to use a phrase that would encompass my philosophy and passions. Thus, Reverence for life, the essence of existence (in my ever to be humble opinion).

If you have read very many of my posts you may think that I have strayed from my path and purpose but I assure you that my footprints tread in my intended direction. The thoughts might come across as random, scattered or redundant but that is how my thought processes function. So we must collectively accept and tolerate their form. And if even a droplet of awe falls into your consciousness then I have accomplished what I set out to do.

For me, reverence starts with who I am (human being) and is nurtured by what I do (human doing). I recently read that we must begin by asking "What do I want?". I disagree. I find more direction in asking, "Who I am?" The answer to either question can be tough. It means sitting down and sorting through life's mental scrapbook to discover our values. What is worth keeping? What moments would we do over? What amends can we make? Who should we forgive?

I must value who I am first and the rest follows like a kitten chasing a string. Once I accept me and love me I settle into an appreciation in my heart, mind and soul. This is not a selfish step but a selfless one because my daily doing mirrors the color of my being.

I experimented with this idea one day. I presented myself to the world with an intentional lightness in my step and a joyous grin on my face. And the world responded. People stopped to have conversations with me. They grinned back. They noticed my shoes....I wear the same shoes all of the time and no one ever commented on them before!Let me tell you, it felt wonderful. I felt connected yet serene. There was a magnification, an increase. Then I thought, what if a handful of people extended peace and it peace, a result of reverence for living!

What I say has value, I choose my words.
What I buy creates a market, I weigh what I consume with my values.
What I eat fuels my body, I am responsible to eat the highest quality food.
What I do really does make a difference.

Try it.

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