Saturday, January 5, 2008

chapter 2008

Up until now, I have always felt that next to spring a new year is all about new beginnings. I looked for that clean slate framed in promise, the chance to begin again resolute or not.

This January I looked within and with out and the light came on. It is rare thing to really experience a new beginning. Instead life is full of chapters, the color and poetry of small moments written one after another. Life changers, gray nuisances, golden blessings. Miracles are revealed when we read our story through the lens of gratitude.

Life happens! It is full, it is rich. It is mystery and magic. It is written in permanent ink, no erasers, no do overs. One grace is that we can write in the margins for future reference. We can highlight the parts we want to remember.

I challenge myself to ask, "Did that vignette of my life reveal my beliefs, my values?" I challenge myself to live chapter 2008 with meaning and reverence.