Friday, February 15, 2008

seize your time and make new

I have dabbled in quilt making for a few years now. One day my son told me that he just didn't get it. " You take whole lengths of fabric, cut them up into pieces, then sew them together to get another whole fabric!" I laughed as I realized he was so right. But I can't resist. There are others who piece and quilt at a higher skill level than I. They inspire me onward.

Quilts offer comfort for the body and the soul. They are necessity art.Their creator evokes hope.
Author Marge Piercy wrote about a quilt made years before "...this quilt might be the only perfect artifact a woman would ever see, yet she did not doubt what we had forgotten, that out of her potatoes and colic, sawdust and blood, she could create; together, alone, she seized her time and made new.

I believe that every human ( maybe all creatures) has, at her/his core, the yearning to create. And I'm pretty sure that until each of us allows ourselves to express that pull of soul, we will experience an inner void, a sense of loss no matter how easy or hard life is.
Some of us can grow dahlias, repair a motorcycle, or arrange furniture. Making a sandwich has equal value with the gourmet dinner. A stick man walks as nobly as "masterpiece art". Find a bird, listen to his song, sketch or photograph him, build him a house, feed him. The vegetarian in me won't allow me to suggest that you cook him. :~)

Creativity is only limited by our thinking that we cannot. There is abundance within us all to make new, to create. Our ideas and potential emanate from our center.

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