Sunday, March 16, 2008

the cedars

I haven't been very inspired lately. Thus the fact that my last post was February 15th. I can't explain my funk for all of those days but, for the last 10 days I have had a cold. I easily fell into a pity party...poor me, I don't feel good. I should have stayed home from work for more than two days, like a week.

Anyway, I feel better today. I feel good enough to count my blessings and bake banana bread.

Cheyenne and I walked to my favorite spot this morning, a small grove of cedars about a mile away. Have you ever entered a place that took your breath away with it's holiness? That is what this haven of green is for me. Today there was the added bonus of a light fog, talk about mysical!

I stop, turn my face up, close my eyes and wait. I lose a sense of myself as this divine unity envelops me. When I finally I step out of the canopy of those blessed trees, I gaze back, reluctant to leave that safe place. Once more I have hope and am released from my worries. What a gift this small piece of land is.

You might skoff and say that it I am projecting my own desire for a holy ground, but my neighbor mentioned "the cedars" to me, one day. I took her implication that she too has found blessings there.

Barry Lopez described a similar experience. As he eloquently put it..."I experienced space and time as and time penetrated each other. It could be reverence, I thought...the physical and emotional worlds were part of the same bolt of cloth, and I was embedded in this setting."

I'm pretty sure that we all have this gift presented to us and often. Go find yours.

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Anonymous said...

All righty then! Thanks for updating and once again speaking from the heart.

I believe God is in all of us; our higher selves perhaps? I find God in others as they speak and you often say things that help me to hear God.

Nature is another place I feel God's presence. Watching birds and seeing that "other" world that is all around me, all the time. WoW!

Thanks for your sharing. E'beth