Saturday, March 29, 2008


On the heels of Easter (the celebration of resurrection), I have been confronted by themes of reunion.

  • I carry memories of spending time most precious with my family. These are golden moments and I want to hold on to every ray of light.
  • As I drove the 2 miles into my community Thursday there were dozens of signs up welcoming home a local soldier returning from Iraq. I personally do not know him but those who do, put up signs in their yards; " Daddy I love you" "Welcome home" "thank you" "the Hill's Angels can ride again!" "can you help my dad fix his car?" "Come over and take a look at my computer". Yellow ribbons and flags fluttered from every available post and pole. Can you imagine what that ride home must have meant to him?
  • Yesterday I received word that my Mother-in-law of 35 years was reunited with her Lord and her husband of many years. I have heard that when you enter the gates of heaven you are greeted by those who love you, God Himself, mate, mother, father, sister. I think her ride home was as thrilling as that soldier's. And it had to be a reunion of huge proportions. Countless numbers of people were touched by her.

She was a perfect mother-in-law. Accepting and loving and supportive in spite of my mistakes. When my marriage ended I called and asked if she would still be my Mom. She assured me that nothing would ever change between us.

She was most generous and practical . When she saw a need, she did what she could to meet it. Her door was always open, literally. So many people love her and will miss her.

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