Saturday, April 19, 2008

at the edge

" There is often more wisdom to be found at the edges of life than in its middle." Rachel Naomi Remen "My Grandfathers Blessing" page 280

This month I have been teetering at life's edges. Someone I love very much actually fell over that edge but he was caught before he plummeted. We have been able to back up a few steps. For now there is a wall behind and that edge in front. What to do? Walk sideways, grab hold but move, slowly!

Prayer enveloped us from friends and family. They did not leave us to our own devices. Wisdom came from a couple of professionals. Time and hope are to our east and west.

In light of Remen's quote, I admit to being a wisdom seeker.Yet, I find no thrill at walking close to the edges of life (brinks of disasters in my language). Are there people who do like it? Probably, but are they wiser than I am?

God knows I prefer middle life and He knows I gain little wisdom in that zone of comfort. So I am thrust onto precipices at the most unexpected of times. In braver moments, I have looked down but I don't recommend it. This latest experience did reveal a pearl, thrust out your hand while yelling for help; that help was waiting for our call.

Thank you.

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