Thursday, September 24, 2009

Am I true to my purpose?

Every once in a while I have to do an inventory and ask myself if I am staying true to the purpose of this blog. Are the posts pointing back to a reverence of life ?

My original goal was to share my own life in my chosen path of loving and respecting the world I walk in. I will have to let my few readers determine my score since I can't see the forest for the trees I love so much.

Can one take her convictions too far? Have I become blind in my commitment to "practice what I preach", "to think and do" ?

I will share two instances in recent days that may confirm that I have gone over the edge.
  • I was sitting in traffic, to my right over a small bridge a construction crew was pushing an Alder tree over. When it cracked and fell, I felt a pain in my heart as if a part of me snapped with it.
  • A feather floated down from above, right in front of me as I was walking and contemplating life. Fresh from its giver, soft downy gray. As I held it I felt hopefully connected to this tough yet fragile world.

I have hit the ? key often in this post. While I do not doubt myself, I question if I go too far. And just as importantly, I question if I touch anyone with the words and thoughts that I throw into the ether.

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wreader said...

Every one of your posts that I have read oozes reverence for life! AND, I think more important for me, your writing always makes me think and question what IS important? Thank you.