Monday, October 19, 2009

nature as a teacher

As I was walking this morning I found myself musing again over the raccoon family I am watching. The mother has endeared herself to me with her parenting skills. She has made sure in their short year with her that they learn how to feed themselves. She found a way to cool them in the heat and I imagine they have a cozy warm place for the cold days coming. I have watched her romp and play with her babies all summer. What a mom!

As I was deep in thought I heard Canadian Geese overhead so I stopped to watch. The flock was gathering itself into formation which is fascinating to me. Then I noticed that at the very front to the left of the leader were six geese with smaller bodies and shorter wing spans. I am assuming these six are the younger of the flock. Amazingly every time the group reformed the smaller ones were maneuvered to the front.

Humans are offered priceless lessons from the pages of nature. The examples and role models are everywhere. Nurture, laugh, teach, protect, allow them to be, defend, honor. Love!

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