Sunday, February 21, 2010

everyone has a story

I saw a piece on CBS Sunday Morning today. The reporter would have someone choose a random place; he would travel there, from a directory he would close his eyes and point to a name. Then he would go to that person to hear their story...because everyone has a story.(everyone is a story)

Stories humanize us and show us how similar we can be.I think my own story is pretty boring but it is a story. Someday I will write the sum of days gone by. My dad has been writing stories from his life as he remembers them and I love to read them. A good friend recently interviewed her father and wrote a charming book about his life. He left this world not too long ago but left his legacy for his family.

People live and the purpose of that life becomes their story. What choices did you make under stress? How did a crisis change or shape you? How deep was the grief? What do you spend money on? Have your goals changed?

Thomas Moore wrote in "Original Self": "The stories I tell shape my truth, my soul and my life. The right story is the one that helps me to love myself the most, to create the most, to love others and support their creations."

Tell yours, share it, seek out the story of the person next to you...everyone as one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynette,
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