Friday, March 26, 2010

The miracle of reading & writing

Many years ago I decided to read one chapter of a book every night before I turn out the bedside lamp. I am astounded at how many pages I have turned since I started! I even read the Bible cover to chapter at a time.

I rarely miss a read...usually fiction. I find the chapters make life's noises recede, for a few minutes I can enter someone elses story and set aside my own. I started to jot down title and author, too. It is now an extensive list.

Another daily routine for me has been to write in a journal every day. There is a colorful array of sizes and colors of bound pages that tell my story.

I am sad to report that recently I have not been so diligent in that endeavor. In January I started to re-read my journals. I am disappointed in myself. It is like I lost a part of me... be it a memory, a fear, a joy.

I have decided to commit once again to daily notes and part of those notes will be to write 5 things I am grateful about. I started on March 2nd. Today there are 19 lists.

If you are willing to try it I highly recommend the practice. There was a day when the best I could say thanks for was "toothpaste". I came down with a cold and the list was..."tea, cough drops, soup, glasses and stories". After my granddaughters visit I had an appreciation for Play-Doh.

The readings and journals bless me in three ways. The discipline grounds me in the moment. Going back, centers me all over again. Reaching deep looking at gratitude is magical. Try it!

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