Friday, July 23, 2010

not meant for solution

It has been suggested to me that not all problems are meant to be solved. That we can walk around obstacles obstructing our way rather than moving the obstacle itself. That troubles are often the product of behaviour over time.

So I need to give this some thought. In earlier years I had the energy and determination and belief that I had to "do something" in order to overcome my troubles. What if I had simply looked for a path that would circumvent that mountain? A road less traveled. How different would my circumstance be? Would I be a different person?

Can I embrace this philosophy today? For example: my house is a mess and I keep thinking all I need is a block of time and energy to get it cleaned up. The thought literally sees it as a mountain to be boulder at a time. But boulders break, rocks crumble and then there is the sand to deal with.

What if I step to the right of Mt Calamity? Will there be a road sign pointing me in the direction of avoiding future piles of paper. The challenge calls out "change the habit or accept it"!

I am thinking I want to try this if for no other reason than I worry and fret too much. I would rather meet the day with eagerness instead of dread or regret. It could lead me into a wilderness but that would mean I needed an adventure, right?

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